Hi everybody,

Over the last couple of years, our Trek to Teach experience has been noticed by many adventure-seekers and difference-makers. They see the opportunity to live in the Himalayas as epic and the ability to teach young Nepali students as having an important, lasting impact. We are getting applications regularly and I see some amazing responses to our questions and then I see some answers that are lackluster and are rejected. I wanted to share a few of my favorite characteristics of applications that get us singing the Nepali trekking song Resham Firiri.

  1. Passion – When applicants have thought about what they want to write about for their essays, it is obvious. Their passion for the topic comes through with every word. I love reading the stories that mean something to our applicants.
  2. Excitement – Applicants have done research about Trek to Teach and they are STOKED about potentially teaching English in the Himalayas with our organization.
  3. Spelling and Grammar – More times that I would like to admit, I have read essays and cover letters with many misspellings and obvious grammatical errors. We aren’t asking you to be an English major but you do have to diligently compose a short essay.
  4. Meaningful – Trek to Teach will have meaning to you.  How did you find us? Why is this important to you? The more we know about you, the more likely it is that we will want to learn more in an interview.
  5. Detailed – It is obvious when an applicant has not read through our FAQs, be sure you understand about the experience prior to applying.  
  6. Cover letter – While it is not mandatory that your cover letter be about Trek to Teach, I would highly recommend it. On a regular basis I read general cover letters that have “I want to work for your organization” type of content.  No no no, if you want to impress us, tell us your story and how we fall into it! “The Himalayas have been in my dreams ever since I was young.”  Yes, open up a bit!


So apply to Trek to Teach, please do! But if you want us singing and dancing over your application, check out the above.

The Himalayas await you’re being there!