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    Trek to Teach still has openings for Fall and Winter 2018 Terms, and most of 2019. Three months is the minimum amount of time to participate. If you are interested in teaching for more than three months, check the boxes that apply. *Please note that there may be a school break during your visit, i.e. "Mid June - Mid July"

    Please also note that the dates below are approximate. Because we follow Nepal's Lunar calendar, in order to place our teachers according to their school schedule, we do not always know the exact dates when our teachers will be expected to arrive.
  • If you have the opportunity to spend two terms in Nepal, it is highly recommended and preferred by our villages, you can select two options below. Otherwise, one term will also work. Once again, we'd like to reiterate that these dates are our best estimates given our current communication with our very isolate d partner schools. Please confirm these dates with a team member prior to booking any flights!


  • We high recommend that your cover letter is specific to Trek to Teach and not generic.

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